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Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic

Digital Audio - 7 hrs 58 mins

David Currie was raised in a devout Christian family. His father was a fundamentalist preacher and both parents taught at Moody Bible Institute. Currie's whole upbringing was immersed in the life of fundamentalist Protestantism—theology professors, seminary presidents, and founders of evangelical mission agencies were frequent guests at his family dinner table. Currie received a degree from Trinity International University and studied in the Masters of Divinity program.

This book was written as an explanation to his fundamentalist and evangelical friends and family about why he became a Roman Catholic. Currie presents a very lucid, systematic, and intelligible account of the reasons for his conversion to the ancient Church that Christ founded. He gives a detailed discussion of the important theological and doctrinal beliefs Catholic and evangelicals hold in common, as well as the key doctrines that separate us, particularly the Eucharist, the Pope, and Mary.

Publisher: Ignatius Press
Speaker: Deacon Jim Russell Author: David Currie
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Available ON DEMAND

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