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The Gospel According to Mark

Digital Audio - 1 hr 39 mins

Often considered to be St. Peter’s account of the life of Christ as told to St. Mark, this gospel is action-packed and emphasizes discipleship. St. Mark stresses the struggle of taking up one’s cross every day and following Jesus by including details about the fleeing disciple in the Garden of Gethsemane, St. Peter’s discipleship at a distance on Good Friday, and even the fear and hesitation of the women on Easter Sunday morning. Nearly every story begins with the phrase “and then…” drawing the readers through the adventure of discipleship. Engaging and compelling, St. Mark’s Gospel is the story of true discipleship and life in Christ.

The audio bible uses the RSV Second Catholic Edition Text (RSV-2CE).

Published: 2010
Publisher: Falcon Picture Group
Speaker: Truth and Life Dramatized Audio Bible
Available ON DEMAND
Available ON DEMAND

Price: $4.99 | 5 Credits