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The Saving Power of Divine Mercy

Digital Audio - 1 hr 5 mins

Pope St. John Paul II said that Divine Mercy is the message for the third millennium and God's gift to our time. There is nothing that mankind needs more than Christ's Divine Mercy. To help us avail ourselves of that loving mercy, Fr. Brooks focuses on what we know of God's mercy, our response to his love, how we can become merciful to others, and how to become apostles of mercy.

Bonus: At the end of this presentation, the Divine Mercy chaplet is led by Fr. Francis Peffley, Mark Forrest (an Irish tenor), and Muriel Forrest.

Published: 2009
Publisher: Augustine Institute
Speaker: Fr. Jason Brooks, L.C.
Available ON DEMAND
Available ON DEMAND

Price: $2.49 | 2 Credits