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Why Jesus?

Why the Buddha, Muhammed and Lao-tzu led me to Jesus!


Does choosing Jesus mean rejecting the Buddha, Muhammed, Lao-tzu and other religious leaders?

Does following Jesus mean condemning other faiths?

Can I be a Christian without being anti-Buddhist, anti-Hindu, and anti-Muslim?

What makes Jesus unique and why would I follow him over other religious leaders when their teachings disagree?

Discover the answers to these questions and more in Why Jesus? by Dan Tarrant! Dan shares his own story of choosing Jesus after studying other faiths. For Dan, choosing Jesus wasn't a rejection of other faiths, but a fulfillment of what he found in them. It didn't require becoming anti-anything. But it did require a heartfelt search and a personal decision.

This isn't a textbook or a list of arguments against other faiths. It's a story of how the discovery of truth in other faiths led to a personal discover of Jesus as God and Savior. Why Jesus? Why not find out?

Published: 2015
Publisher: Re-Engaged Ministries
Author: Dan Tarrant
Length: 216 pages

Price: $5.99 | 6 Credits