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Called Participant Guide (5 Pack)


Special FORMED Pricing 

Retail Price Per Guide: $15.95 
Special Price Per Guide: $5.95

This special price is only available to parishes with FORMED Group subscriptions and must be ordered in increments of 5 study guides. Individuals may purchase the study guide here.


God has created you as a unique individual to play unique roles in your time and world. But how can you know what God is asking you to do? If He is calling you, why can’t you hear Him more clearly? What will you have to take on or give up if you follow His call?

This Guide gives you step-by-step help through the 5 video sessions, with ways to connect to God and the other members in your group, questions to trigger thought and discussion, a place to commit to what you’ve learned, and room to journal what you’re thinking and feeling.

Click here for a sample of the Study Guide.

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