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The Sea Tiger

The Story of Pedro Menéndez


Pedro Menéndez of Aviles is an unfamiliar name to many Americans—and yet in 1565 this remarkable man founded St. Augustine, the oldest continually-inhabited city in North America. Growing up in Asturia, Spain, the young Pedro becomes a master at handling boats, with an instinctive knowledge of the sea, its ways, and those who sail upon it. From his nobleman father, he also comes to understand and detest “the vast, tough web piracy had spun to enmesh the shipping of two continents.” Gifts of observation, memory, and strong will cause Don Pedro to achieve a legendary reputation as the “Sea Tiger, Scourge of Pirates” and in 1554, to be appointed the Captain General of His Majesty’s Fleet by Emperor Charles V. With the Bay of Biscay’s shipping channels freed from buccaneers, a fresh colonization in the New World becomes possible. In 1565, Pedro Menéndez himself heads a major—and challenging—expedition of colonists, soldiers, and missionaries to establish successfully a settlement in Florida. In the words of one of Menéndez’s soldiers, “he considered nothing but the service of God and his Majesty, without looking to [his own] human interests.” Lively storytelling and concise commentary add to the pleasure of this fascinating biography about a man of integrity and unswerving faith.

Published: 2016
Publisher: Bethlehem Books
Author: Frank Kolars
Illustrator: Craig Pineo
Age Range: 10 & up
Length: 187 pages

Price: $7.99 | 8 Credits