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Saint Juan Diego

And Our Lady of Guadalupe


Through Juan Diego, Mary, the Mother of God introduced herself to the world as Our Lady of Guadalupe. Juan lived in the sixteenth century when Mexico City was known as the Valley of Anahuac. After Juan's particular mission was completed, namely, to build a chapel to the Blessed Mother on Tepeyac Hill, it is said that he became a hermit. He spent the rest of his life in prayer and penance. His little hut was near this chapel. He was greatly esteemed. Juan took care of the little church and greeted the pilgrims who began to come there to honor their Mother of Guadalupe. He would show them the miraculous tilma or cloak, that preserves Mary's beautiful image. Pope John Paul II declared Juan Diego a saint on July 31, 2002. You can still see Juan Diego's tilma in Mexico City today. Juan Diego's story is a particularly powerful story for us in the Americas.

Published: 2002
Publisher: Pauline Books & Media
Author: Josephine Nobisso
Illustrator: Virginia Esquinaldo
Age Range: 8 & up
Length: 114 pages

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