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The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola


These Spiritual Exercises were written by Ignatius of Loyola, a theologian, priest, and founder of the Society of Jesus, in the sixteenth century. They are Catholic prayers, reflections, meditations, mental exercises, and directions designed to be read and carried out over a 28 to 30 day time period. These exercises are for Catholics and non-Catholics alike and grew out of Ignatius's own desire to seek God's will and to follow Christ no matter what the cost. Ignatius's intent was that the exercises would help others to discern God's will and to set the world on fire for Christ!

Published: 2015
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Author: Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Translator: Father Elder Mullan, S.J.
Length: 124 pages
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Available ON DEMAND

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