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What is the Bible?


Some people look at the Bible and see a collection of stories that teach us how to live good and happy lives. Others regard it more as a historical record of the Jewish and Christian peoples. Still others prefer to stress that Scripture is nothing less than the voice of God revealed to mankind. In this classic work you'll discover that the Bible is all of these things, and more.

Written especially for average Catholics, who often find the Bible intimidating, What is the Bible? makes sense of the sprawling scope of Sacred Scripture. With patience, clarity, and great learning, beloved popular scholar Henri Daniel-Rops sheds light on the Bible's divine origins, its structure and content, its rich layers of meaning, and its place at the heart of Catholic doctrine and worship.

Don't separate yourself from the manifold treasures that Scripture has to offer you. Read What is the Bible?  today and gain a deeper understanding of God's wisdom, and of the ways He has revealed Himself to us throughout history.

Published: 2007
Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
Author: Henri Daniel-Rops
Translator: J.R. Foster
Length: 150 pages

Price: $9.99 | 10 Credits