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What Catholics are Free to Believe or Not


Fatima, relics, miracles, and more: about these and scores of other claims of the Catholic Faith, most people are simply wrong...including many Catholics!

They're mistaken about what the Church really requires believers to accept, and unclear about just what She's left to the discretion of the faithful.

To overcome these errors, which can breed doubts and confusion in Catholics and non-Catholics alike, the late Father Hughes here provides clear, succinct, detailed answers to what Catholics are bound to believe and practice, and what they're free to dismiss.

Without diluting or minimizing the obligations of Catholics, Fr. Hughes eliminates many obstacles to the conversion of Protestants who find troubling or even objectionable one or more non-essential beliefs or practices of the Church.


Published: 2016
Publisher: Sophia Institute Press
Author: Fr. H.G. Hughes
Length: 118 pages

Price: $9.99 | 10 Credits