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Teens Share the Word


Does God really speak to us? How can we hear his voice? What does the Bible have to do with us today? The teens who wrote this book asked themselves these questions, and they testify to the impact of God's Word in all areas of their lives—relationships, temptation, prayer, forgiveness, school, life choices, and much more. Teens Share the Word leads teens into a deeper relationship with God by modeling a personal approach to Scripture, and at the same time offers them Scripturally-based guidance for issues they face every day.

Teens Share the Word is the perfect gift for teens who are looking to grow in and share their Faith, whether for Confirmation, as a follow-up for teens who've had a powerful experience of God and want to continue their relationship with God, or graduation. A great tool for youth ministry, World Youth Day catechesis, and religious education.

Published: 2011
Publisher: Pauline Books & Media
Length: 160 pages
Editor: Emily Marsh and Maria Grace Dateno, FSP

Price: $9.99 | 10 Credits