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He Speaks to You


He Speaks to You is the perfect daily reflection book for the young woman who:

  • Yearns to understand herself better
  • Questions if God can really love her
  • Desires to follow Jesus in her daily life
  • Wonders what role she can serve in God's Kingdom
  • Ponders the meaning of suffering in her life

Each month has its own theme and each day's reflection begins with Jesus speaking directly to the young woman's heart—words that console, even as they challenge—followed by a short Scripture passage, words of wisdom from those who've walked the journey toward Christ, a "To do" section for those who prefer some practical activity (the Marthas!), and a "To journal" section for those who prefer to contemplate and write (the Marys!).

Published: 2012
Publisher: Pauline Books & Media
Author: Helena Burns, FSP
Length: 384 pages

Price: $12.99 | 13 Credits