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The Rigging of a Vatican Synod?

An Investigation into Alleged Manipulation at the Extraordinary Synod on the Family


Intrigue or inexperience? Did key leaders of the recent Extraordinary Synod of Bishops try to manipulate the outcome to support a change in Catholic practice and perhaps in Catholic teaching on divorce and remarriage and same-sex activity? Did they undermine Pope Francis’s vision of an “open” discussion? Critics claim Cardinal Baldissieri, the man Pope Francis trusted to oversee the Synod’s discussion of family issues, along with some of his associates, tried to predetermine the outcome of the Synod’s deliberations and its documents. Supporters say Cardinal Baldissieri was inexperienced at running a synod and any missteps were innocent mistakes. International reporter and analyst Edward Pentin investigates the allegations, accusations, and facts surrounding the controversial meeting of select bishops of the world.

Published: 2015
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Author: Edward Pentin
Length: 167 pages

Price: $9.99 | 8 Credits