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To Jesus Through Mary

A Family Manual of the Rosary and the Mysteries


This family Rosary manual will help you and your children to share the beauty of the Rosary and grow in love and appreciation of Jesus and Mary.

Saying a decade or an entire Rosary daily gives a strong message to a child that God’s role in the family is paramount and that the child is an important part of the family unit and God’s family. Holding the rosary in your hand and fingers your child’s eye will lead your child to follow your finger control. At six months they will want to hold a small rosary. By the time your child is 5 years old they will know the Rosary, twelve prayers and the basic Catholic faith formation which will give them an essential foundation and make them a real asset to your parishes religious education program.
Praying the Rosary as a family is a wonderful way of teaching the faith, joining the prayer of the Church, and entering into the mysteries of love which flow from Jesus’ and Mary’s lives into our own. As Jesus hung on the cross, He gave His Mother, Mary, not only to St. John, but to all of us. Mary wants us to know, love and serve her Son, Jesus. To help us do this, she has given us the Rosary. The Rosary gives us an opportunity to relive the Passion of Christ either alone or with others. It thus becomes a perfect family devotion. Mary, through numerous apparitions, has consistently encouraged, even pleaded with us to incorporate the Rosary into our daily life. Mary is our gift from God, the Rosary is our gift from Mary.

“Whenever we go to Mary, she always takes us to Jesus. That is why the Rosary is such a wonderful prayer. Mary’s greatest desire is that all of us turn to her Son and follow Him all the way to Heaven. Jesus’ love for us is eternal, and the Rosary gives us peace and trust that everything is in God’s loving hands.”
Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, D.D., S.T.L., Archdiocese of Seattle

“Fear not. Teach them to say the Rosary—the family Rosary and all will be well”.
The Blessed Virgin Mary to Mother Teresa

Published: 2008
Publisher: VirTru Powers LLC
Author: Peggy Olds
Illustrator: Audrey Merschman
Length: 64 pages

Price: $14.99 | 15 Credits