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Called to Communion

Understanding the Church Today


This is a book of wisdom and insight that explains how providential are the trials through which the Catholic Church is now passing. The need of the Papal Primacy to ensure Christian unity; the true meaning of the Priesthood as a sacrament and not a mere ministry; the necessity of the Eucharist as the Sacrifice of the Savior now offering Himself on our altars; the role of the Bishops as successors of the Apostles, united with the successor of St. Peter, the Bishop of Rome; the value of suffering in union with Christ crucified; the indispensable service of the laity in the apostolate—all these themes receive from Cardinal Ratzinger new clarity and depth.

Published: 1996
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Author: Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
Translator: Adrian Walker
Length: 165 pages

Price: $14.99 | 12 Credits