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Catholic Education: Homeward Bound

Useful Guide to Catholic Home Schooling


Two experienced home-schooling moms present a very thorough, balanced, and practical guide to both the merits of home education, as well as the important ideas, resources, and curriculums to home school. Hahn and Hasson cover all aspects—statistics supporting home schooling's excellence, the nitty-gritty of lesson plans, and hundreds of ways to keep the fun in (and boredom out) of learning. Most importantly, they offer compelling advice and inspiration for parents as they undertake their child's religious, moral, and intellectual formation.

This is a reliable guide for Catholic parents who want to stay close to the heart of the Church in the schooling of their children. The authors demonstrate that home schooling is not a fringe movement on the Church's periphery, but it is squarely based on Catholic teachings drawn from Sacred Scripture, natural law, and the writings of saints and popes. Readers will find the right combination of secular and sacred, theoretical and practical. Whether you are looking for advice and encouragement, language resources, aids for teaching multiplication or phonics—or the Ten Commandments—this book is sure to be a very functional tool.

Published: 1996
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Author: Kimberly Hahn and Mary Hasson
Length: 410 pages

Price: $17.99 | 14 Credits