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John, Volume 1

The Word Becomes Flesh


The first of von Speyr's scriptural commentaries, focusing on her reflections on the first five chapters of John and the beginning of the public life of Our Lord. She shares moving meditations on such profound and dramatic scenes as the witness of John the Baptist, the call of the disciples, the wedding at Cana, the cleansing of the money-changers in the temple, the Samaritan woman, etc. The combination of the Scripture verses and her meditations provide rich nourishment for prayer and spiritual reading. This series is particularly important because the spirituality of St. John, the Apostle of Divine Love, was the central source of von Speyr's own inspiration and spiritual life.

Published: 1994
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Author: Adrienne von Speyr
Translator: Sr. Lucia Wiedenhöver, O.C.D. and Alexander Dru
Length: 325 pages

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