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That Simple


What if the quality of every relationship, circumstance, and moment in life is determined by the presence or absence of just one ingredient? What if it's an ancient ingredient? What if it's an ingredient we've intuitively known all along without knowing its name?

What if this one thing would change everything?

What if it's that simple?

Come experience the free gift of   and welcome the difference it was always meant to make in your life!

Dan Tarrant is the founder of ReEngaged Ministries. The mission of ReEngaged Ministries is to lead Catholics into a more personal relationship with God in the heart of the Catholic Church.

"The work of Dan Tarrant and ReEngaged Ministries is vital to our Church." ­ ­– Archbishop Chaput

"Dan Tarrant evangelize in a way that is contagious and thoroughly Catholic!"  – Chris Stefanick

Published: 2018
Publisher: Re-Engaged Ministries
Author: Dan Tarrant
Length: 184 pages

Price: $7.49 | 7 Credits