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Woman in the Church


Woman in the Church is direct, beautifully and thoughtfully written, and, most importantly, deeply respectful towards women and all that they are and can be. Allowing women to be priests is often condemned sexist and unjust by our society, but Fr. Bouyer’s sensitive and insightful responses to arguments against the Church’s position gently, and convincingly, affirm that the Catholic Church is entirely pro-woman. Beginning with Woman’s importance in Creation and Salvation, Fr. Bouyer moves on to discuss “Complementary Vocations” and the tradition of feminine ministries within the Church. For women, men, clergy, religious, and lay persons alike, this book offers a wonderful reflection on the irreplaceable, essential, and unique role of women in the Catholic Church, and hopefully inspires new ideas about how to encourage their presence and participation in the salvific work of the Church.

Published: 1979
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Author: Louis Bouyer
Translator: Marilyn Teichert
Length: 132 pages

Price: $7.99 | 6 Credits