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Defeating the Devil

Exorcists Tell Their Story

Digital Video - 52 mins

Never has the devil, demonic possession, and exorcism been so widely discussed as it is today. And yet, few satisfactory explanations are proffered. This powerful film describes the origin of the evil spirit, the devil's descent, and his interruption in the world from the temptation of Adam and Eve to the present day.

The devil's powers, his tactics, objectives, and limitations, are discussed by several renowned experts in the field of demonic phenomena, including the most famous of all, Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the Official Exorcist of the Diocese of Rome and author of perhaps the definitive scholarly work on demonology (+2016).

We discover how the devil works through temptation, curses, infestations, hexes, and possession, among others. We learn what his preferred victims are like and how they fall in his traps. We also explore the world of spiritualism, Tarot cards, astrology, Satanism, and other occult practices. The Dark Side: that which is vanquished by the light of faith in Christ who is more powerful than all evil.

This movie is not rated, but was created with an adult audience in mind. We would recommend Parental Guidance and that parents preview it before watching with children.

Publisher: Ignatius Press
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Available ON DEMAND

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