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La Mama

An American Nun's Life in a Mexican Prison

Digital Video - 27 mins

How does an American nun end up serving a "life sentence" in a Mexican prison? Mother Antonia, La Mama, has done so by choice for more than 30 years. After a life of privilege in Beverly Hills that included two marriages, two divorces, and seven children, Mary Brenner became a nun at age 50. She felt called to serve Tijuana's most notorious prison, La Mesa Penitentiary. Outside prison walls, she founded her own order, Servants of the Eleventh Hour. Like La Mama, they are all older women who believe they can make a difference, serving the poorest of the poor. Despite alarming violence in Tijuana and severe prison overcrowding, Mother Antonia says she will never leave sus hijos, the prisoners she considers her sons and daughters.

Publisher: Vision Video

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