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His Life and Art

Digital Video - 29 mins

A documentary on the life and entire artistic production of Giotto (1267-1337), considered the greatest of all the Italian Gothic painters. The innovations and originality that Giotto brought to the art world have since influenced all artists. His life and art are presented here—from Assisi to Rome, Rimini to Padova, and of course, in his own Florence.

Giotto was considered "the principal painter of our time" by both Petrarch and Dante, major Italian Renaissance poets. He was an apprentice to the painter Cimabue and learned the art of fresco from him. Fresco is the art of painting with a water-based paint on moist lime plaster. Giotto brought a naturalism to his work, which differed from the formality of the past. He was especially known for his lifelike figures, bright colors, and intense, blue backgrounds.

Publisher: Vision Video

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