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God, the Universe, and Everything

Digital Video - 50 mins

Where did we come from?

Why are we here?

Where are we going?

Everyone wants the answers to these questions. Some people have found their answers in God, while others are still on the path of discovery. And some have grown discouraged—and stopped looking.

Don’t give up! says Matt Fradd in his most important video to date, God, the Universe, & Everything. With all the energy, humor, and down-to-earth realism that have made him a sought-after speaker around the world, Matt shares his own story of being shaken out of his agnostic apathy as a young adult. Challenged to find reasons to believe that life has meaning—no matter how messy or senseless or full of suffering his life became—his long search finally led him to believe in the God of Christianity and in his Church.

Now he offers that same challenge to anyone: from teen to adult, from hardened skeptic to lukewarm believer. Don’t back down before the absurdity of a world without God. Don’t pass on the most important question of your (eternal) life. Watch God, the Universe, & Everything and be refreshed in your journey to the truth.

Publisher: Catholic Answers

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