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The Man Talk

Digital Video - 1 hr 15 mins

Every day of your life, the choices you make determine the man that you are–and will become.

  • What kind of man do you want to be?
  • How do you want to be remembered?
  • What kind of men do you respect?

These are serious questions, and Matt is here to help you sort out the answers.

In The Man Talk, Matt Fradd lays out a vision for authentic Catholic masculinity and a plan for how to achieve it. Following the example of some of history’s greatest and wisest Christian men, he shows you how to build the strengths and practice the habits that will make you a true man of God: a man of courage and strength who lives for others, a man who is fully alive.

The need for such men has never been greater, he says, but the obstacles we face have never been tougher. The world presents us with a conflicting vision of manhood: instead of the pure, selfless love of the saints, we’re told to seek the pleasurable self-indulgence of pornography. We’re told not to give but to “take what we can get”—from women and from the world.

In fact, from when we were young we’ve been taught all kinds of “rules” that men are supposed to live by—rules that actually discourage authentic manhood. Matt reveals five of those rules, and shows you how the only way to become a true, fully alive man is to break each and every one

Filmed before a live audience, The Man Talk mixes jokes and stories with theology and commonsense human experience to provide a positive, uplifting, and never-dull presentation that men of all ages can profit from and enjoy. Equally perfect for personal viewing or your parish men’s group!

"Matt Fradd gives us a vision of how to live Catholic manhood to the fullest: with humility, self-mastery, and—here's the big secret—abounding joy."
Jeff Cavins - Creator of the Great Adventure Bible Study

"With an authentic heart and humble witness, Matt challenges us to ask these questions fiercely and deeply. Check out this talk."
Christopher West - Author, Speaker and Teacher of John Paul II's Theology of the Body

Publisher: Catholic Answers

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