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Making Jesus' Last Command Our First Priority

Digital Video - 1 hr 59 mins

How much of your daily life is spent evangelizing, whether by word or by deed?

Apologist and speaker Hector Molina is on fire for Jesus Christ and his Church, and he wants to share that fire with you.

In Evangelization: Making Jesus’ Last Command Our First Priority, Hector gets to the crux of being a disciple of Jesus Christ, which involves the Great Commission of evangelization.

In an evangelistic tour-de-force, Hector will take the seed of potential that dwells within the heart of every Christian and nurture it to the point where you will want to go out and share the truth as soon as the talk ends.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • How to have a vibrant, personal, intimate encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ so that you may better share that treasure with others
  • What obstacles hold most people back from sharing their Faith
  • Common excuses people give for not sharing the Faith
  • The “Four M’s” of evangelization: Mission, Motive, Message, and Method
  • The seven steps of kerygma
Publisher: Catholic Answers

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