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The Seven Sacraments in Scripture

Digital Video - 1 hr 30 mins

Ever have a “Bible Christian” tell you that the Catholic sacraments are mere “traditions of men,” nowhere to be found in Sacred Scripture—and not know what to say in reply?

Ever wonder for yourself why the Church believes that rituals and practices like the Mass, Confession, and Holy o=Orders (plus others) were instituted by Christ as signs and instruments of salvation for his people?

The Seven Sacraments in Scripture will answer all your questions!

In this engaging video presentation, dynamic apologist and evangelist Hector Molina digs deep into the Bible to show that, far from being manmade inventions, the sacraments are firmly rooted in the written Word of God. He also shows how the Catholic understanding of certain sacraments—for example, Baptism for infants or the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist—is truer to biblical revelation than the common Protestant interpretations.

Don’t go another day without appreciating this rich scriptural testimony. Watch The Seven Sacraments in Scripture and grow in your love and knowledge of God’s plan for your salvation.

Publisher: Catholic Answers

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