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Lectio: Evangelization

And the Acts of the Apostles

DVD - 8 hrs 15 mins

There is no better place to look for guidance in the New Evangelization than the Acts of the Apostles. This chronicle of the Church in action gives us the blueprint for the life and mission of the Church today. 

In Evangelization and the Acts of the Apostles, Dr. Mary Healy combines Bible study with Church teaching and practical wisdom to show you how modern Catholics can effectively lead people to Jesus Christ. 

Episode Listing 

  1. Why Study Acts? (49 minutes)
  2. Clothed with Power (49 minutes)
  3. Proclaiming the Kerygma (52 minutes)
  4. Signs and Wonders (52 minutes)
  5. How Jesus Makes an Evangelist (46 minutes)
  6. Sacraments and the Spirit (48 minutes)
  7. Leadership in the Church (43 minutes)
  8. Charisms of the Spirit (51 minutes)
  9. Joy in Persecution (50 minutes)
  10. The Belly of the Beast (55 minutes)
Published: 2016
Publisher: Augustine Institute
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Available ON DEMAND
Available ON DEMAND

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