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Marriage Bundle


Save over 30% this Christmas on this special bundle designed to help you strengthen your marriage in a powerful new way.  

This bundle Includes

  1. Beloved Home Edition DVD Set
  2. Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love Book 

About Beloved

This special edition of Beloved will show you through Scripture, Tradition and Church teaching that God’s desire for your marriage will bring your truest desires alive. The wonder, mystery and joy behind that first “I do”—whether you said it last year, or years ago—is beautifully depicted visually and practically taught by trusted presenters.

In six sessions, Beloved explores

  • Does Marriage Matter?
  • Entering the Story of Marriage
  • Love Revealed
  • Total Gift of Self
  • A Sacramental Bond
  • Real Challenges, Real Love

About Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love

This updated and expanded edition of Edward Sri's classic meditation on Pope John Paul II's Love and Responsibility includes a new introduction, new chapters for singles and engaged couples, and more stories of people whose lives have been transformed by Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body.

Dr. Edward Sri is a theologian, author, and well-known Catholic speaker. He has written several bestselling books and serves as professor of theology and vice president of mission at the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado. He is the content director for the acclaimed film series Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained and Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage.

Publisher: Augustine Institute
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