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What is Offline Playback?

This long-awaited feature makes FORMED On Demand content available for download to a mobile device so that it can be played without using Wi-Fi or cellular data. Instead, content is downloaded and stored temporarily on your mobile device through the FORMED App.

With Offline Playback, you can:

  • Listen at the gym or on your commute without using expensive cellular data
  • Enjoy FORMED content while flying or in places without network access
  • Experience smooth and uninterrupted playback, regardless of poor network conditions

How Do I Get Offline Playback?

You automatically gain access to the Offline Playback feature when you purchase any Credit Plan for the new FORMED Market! Get a Credit Plan membership for as little as $8.95 per month, which gives you Offline Playback of FORMED On Demand content, plus spend your monthly credits to get substantial savings on digital purchases or rentals in the Market!