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Arise from Darkness

When Life Doesn't Make Sense


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Well-known author, psychologist, and priest, Fr. Benedict Groeschel draws on his own years of personal experiences in dealing with people’s problems, tragedies, and “darkness” as he offers help and guidance for any Christian troubled or burdened by life. If you are struggling with fear, anxiety, grief, loss of loved ones, hurt, anger, or anything that makes life difficult or the road through it dark, then this book was written for you. Fr. Benedict offers practical suggestions on how to keep going and even grow more with the help of God’s grace, even when this help seems remote. 

The Christian response to the problem of evil and suffering began with the cross of Christ. Our answer is inseparable from the cross—from Jesus’ own encounter with evil and his triumph over it. In this light, Fr. Benedict recalls some of our most frequently encountered sorrows and griefs: the failure of friends, financial and personal insecurity, the failure of some in the Church, our own inconsistent behaviors and weaknesses, and the death of loved ones. As we examine these painful experiences, he shows that we can find solutions in the Gospel and in the lives of saints, heroes, and very brave ordinary people.

Published: 2017
Publisher: Ignatius Press | Augustine Institute
Author: Benedict J. Groeschel, C.F.R.
Length: 200 pages
Weight: 0.40 lbs

Price: $6.00 | 6 Credits