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Meeting Jesus and Following Him

A Retreat given to Pope Benedict XVI and the Papal Household

Digital Audio - 4 hrs 26 mins

Drawn from his retreat talks given to Pope Benedict and his associates at the papal household, Cardinal Arinze offers inspiring spiritual exercises focusing on the meaning of the priestly life. “The red thread which will run through all these meditations,” writes Cardinal Arinze, “is the image of the priest who, called by Jesus, meets him, follows him and seeks each day to become a better disciple.”

Although the Cardinal refers to “priests”, he insists that much of what he says applies to anyone in ordained ministry and religious can benefit from prayerfully reading his reflections on being a disciple of the Lord.

“For every human being, for every Christian, and even more for every priest, Jesus Christ gives meaning to life”, writes Cardinal Arinze. “He gives a sense of unity to all the things in which we are engaged. Jesus indicates the correct direction for our life because he is the way, the truth and the life (cf Jn 14:6). In these meditations we shall have in front of us the priest who meets Jesus and follows him.”

Published: 2010
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Speaker: Bernard M. Collins Author: Francis Cardinal Arinze

Price: $12.99 | 13 Credits