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Socrates Meets Marx

The Father of Philosophy Cross-Examines the Founder of Communism

Digital Audio - 5 hrs 10 mins

Utilizing the dialogue format that the Greek philosopher made famous, Kreeft presents the latest in his series of small books on philosophy. In a unique and compelling take on the philosophies of the modern world, Kreeft pits the ancient Greek philosopher against the founder of Communism. Humorous, frank, and insightful, this book challenges the reader to step in and take hold of what is right and to cast away what is wrong. Topics covered include such varied subjects as private property, the individual, the “Three Philosophies of Man”, women, individualism, and more. A wonderful introduction to philosophy for the neophyte, and a joy for the experienced student.

Published: 2010
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Speaker: Kevin O'Brien Author: Peter Kreeft

Price: $11.99 | 12 Credits