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Beloved Marriage Preparation Leader Kit

Study Kit

This kit includes the English only Beloved DVD set. Click here to purchase the Beloved DVD set with Spanish dubbed audio.

This kit includes everything that a leader would need to utilize Beloved for a marriage preparation program—the six-DVD set, one leader’s guide, and one couple’s guide for Marriage Enrichment. 

Click here for a sample of the leader guide. 
Click here for a sample of the Marriage Preparation study guide. 

About Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage
In twelve sessions, Beloved explores the essential realities of marriage, dealing with the deepest spiritual, emotional, and practical aspects of what the sacrament means for those preparing to get married as well as those who yearn for a richer married life. Through an exploration of Scripture, Tradition, and Church teaching, God’s plan for marriage will come alive.

This Marriage Preparation leader kit will help you to lead that exploration, giving time-tested tools and advice to make the experience informative, inspirational, and life-changing through:

  • Effective use of the videos and guides
  • Impactful discussion questions
  • Detailed teaching
  • Outlines and insights for leadership
  • Helps for Marriage preparation classes and retreats

Together, you and your group will discover why marriage matters, the truth about the bonds and commitment in love, God’s plan for true spiritual and physical intimacy, skills for communicating and resolving conflict, the importance of forgiveness and healing, ways to thrive in marriage, and so much more. 

Price: $199.95

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