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My Catholic and Personal Relationship with God!


Can I actually know God? Can I really do anything more than make some guesses about God and hope for the best when I die? Can a Catholic have a personal relationship with God? Does my life have a purpose? Are all those Christians faking it?

If you've ever asked questions like these, wondered whether God has a place for you in his heart, or doubted that there was room for you in the Catholic Church, you'll be touched by Dan Tarrant's story.

Dan is open about his previous doubts about Christ, his journey through a New Age spirituality, the blessings he received in Protestant churches and why God led him personally back to the Catholic Christian faith of his birth.

It's a story that will help you know Jesus in a truly Catholic and personal relationship with God yourself!

Dan Tarrant is the founder of ReEngaged Ministries, a Catholic lay apostolate whose mission is to help Catholics discover a personal relationship with God in the heart of the Catholic Church. He is married with three children. Archbishop Chaput has formally endorsed the work of this apostolate and recently stated: "The work of Dan Tarrant and ReEngaged Ministries is vital to our Church."

Published: 2014
Publisher: Re-Engaged Ministries
Author: Dan Tarrant
Length: 170 pages

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