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My Hand in Yours Our Hands in His

A 7 Week Marriage Workbook


Is your marriage firmly rooted in Christ? Love is like a garden, that quietly needs to be nurtured in order to grow. Are you allowing your marriage the same room to grow? Are you nurturing your love and allowing it to increase in strength and happiness? It’s easy to become distracted by worldly obligations and entertainment, even to the point of falling into the habit of spending less and less time with your spouse. Sometimes the distractions are good – such as time alone in prayer, or study groups with friends. But far too often we let any number of things come between quality time spent with our spouse, neglecting the spiritual communion we so greatly need. This communion could not be more important, as it is our path to heaven! This study will take you and your spouse on a 7-Week journey through the virtues; particularly as they apply to your married vocation. Supported with scripture and words of wisdom from the saints, you will be guided through an encounter together – helping you to grow with one another in virtue, and soar to new heights of holiness. Allow yourself this experience and tool in recognizing the virtues you already so valiantly possess, and in helping one another to establish a plan to grow in those areas in which you are struggling.

Published: 2017
Publisher: Kimberly Cook
Author: Kimberly Cook
Length: 48 pages

Price: $9.99 | 10 Credits