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Brother Francis

The Barefoot Saint of Assisi

CD - 4 hrs 13 mins

If you think you know Francis of Assisi, you’re in for a surprise. Discover the astonishing life of Brother Francis, the fun-loving son of wealth and privilege who gave up everything for the sake of Christ. As a young soldier, he encountered suffering. As a victim of war, he began a search for inner meaning that would redirect his life. As a holy beggar, he embraced lepers, shook hands with the Pope, debated a Sultan, and touched the lives of millions. 

Now the power and passion of one of the world’s most popular saints is captured in this exciting 10-part audio drama from Augustine Institute Radio Theatre. Bold and inspiring, AIR Theatre takes storytelling to a whole new level. Dozens of accomplished, award-winning actors bring characters to life, and cinematic sound and music will quicken the imagination. 

Brother Francis: The Barefoot Saint of Assisi's an unforgettable experience that will inspire your heart and stir your soul.

Episode Listing

  1. The Troubadour (22 minutes)
  2. A Fool in Chains (26 minutes)
  3. The Road Back (23 minutes)
  4. Unclean (25 minutes)
  5. Unshackled (19 minutes)
  6. A Beggar Son (30 minutes)
  7. The Rule (25 minutes)
  8. Clare (22 minutes)
  9. The Sultan (27 minutes)
  10. The Little Poor Man (34 minutes) 

This 5-CD set includes a 24-page discussion guide that will help you discuss major concepts and themes from this unforgettable audio drama.

Published: 2016
Publisher: Augustine Institute
Speaker: Augustine Institute Radio Theatre
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Available ON DEMAND

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