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Going Deeper

A Reasoned Exploration of God and Truth


The vast majority of human beings believe in a higher power, but few can clearly articulate what they believe or why. When it comes to explaining one's beliefs, most rely on intuition or personal experience, relegating faith to the realm of subjective judgement as opposed to objective truth.

In Going Deeper, Leo Severino presents a systematic, easy-to-understand exercise in reason and logic that leads from common experiences of reality to ultimate reatlity. The author begins with an everyday occurrence, such as the falling of a leaf, and then reasons his way, through logical steps, to the truth about God. He also describes the deep purpose inscribed in every human heart and answers objections to faith in a personal, loving God.

For those not well versed in theology or philosophy, this book shows how to tether matters of faith to demonstrable premises and logical conclusions. For those with deeper theological formation, this book provides fresh perspectivese on the classic arguments that demonstrate how faith and reason go hand in hand. 

Published: 2019
Publisher: Ignatius Press | Augustine Institute
Author: Leo Severino
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