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Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament - Premium Hardcover

New Testament


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This Revised Standard Version Second Catholic Edition Bible brings together all of the books of the New Testament and the penetrating study tools developed by renowned Bible teachers Dr. Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch, presenting the written Word of God in a highly readable, accurate translation.

With illuminating study notes, topical essays and thorough indices making, this New Testament Bible is excellent for personal and group study. The RSV-2CE is the only standard English Bible translation that is in conformity with the Church's translation guidelines found in the Vatican document, Liturgiam Authenticam.

This beautiful Bible retails for $22.95. Get it now for only $14.95 per copy. 
Published: 2010
Publisher: Ignatius Press
Length: 726 pages
Weight: 1.00 lbs

Price: $14.95 | 15 Credits