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Presence Study Guide

The Mystery of the Eucharist


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This Participant Guide for Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist is the key for helping participants apply what they learn about their faith to their daily lives.

About Presence

Although the Eucharist appears to be simple bread and wine, it is actually the “source and summit” of the Christian life. Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist explores the truth and beauty of Jesus Christ’s Real Presence in the Eucharist, from its origins in Sacred Scripture, to its profound role in the life of the Church and its members.

It is the crescendo of the entire story of salvation. 

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Published: 2018
Publisher: Augustine Institute
Length: 54 pages
Weight: 0.70 lbs
Available ON DEMAND
Available ON DEMAND

Price: $15.95 | 16 Credits