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The Catholic Faith Explained


“The Catholic Faith Finally Makes Sense to me!”

That's what many people around the world are saying after viewing the acclaimed film series Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained. Now in this book, Symbolon host and best-selling author Edward Sri walks you through all the key aspects of the Catholic Faith with the same clarity and beauty as the film documentary, while addressing common questions such as:

  • Why do I need a church? Can't I just be spiritual?
  • Don't impose your morality on me! Who are you to judge?
  • Isn't one religion just as good as another?
  • Why do Catholics worship Mary?
  • Why should I confess my sins to a priest?
  • How do I know that God really hears our prayers?

Excellent for RCIA, adult faith formation, and families, Sri's easy-to-read style appeals to both the head and the heart as he equips you to understand and live deeply your Catholic Faith.

Abridged version of Love Unveiled: The Catholic Faith Explained

Published: 2018
Publisher: Ignatius Press | Augustine Institute
Author: Edward Sri
Length: 240 pages
Weight: 0.30 lbs

Price: $8.95 | 9 Credits