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True Reformers

Saints of the Catholic Reformation

DVD - 3 hrs 42 mins

This six-episode series explores the lives of Saints Ignatius of Loyola, Thomas More, Francis de Sales, Philip Neri, Charles Borromeo, and Teresa of Ávila. As True Reformers introduces you to these great saints, you’ll want to stay friends with them for life, even unto eternity, as you discover how they spearheaded the Church’s rebirth after the turbulence and confusion caused by the Protestant Reformation.

Join Dr. Christopher Blum in the first comprehensive study program to present a specifically Catholic worldview that addresses the Protestant Reformation, 500 years later. True Reformers is ideal for adult faith formation, men’s and women’s groups, catechist formation, and young adult ministries and features six episodes on three DVDs.

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Episode Listing

  1. Saint Thomas More and the Age of the Author
  2. Saint Ignatius of Loyola: Soldier for Christ
  3. Saint Philip Neri: The Apostle of Joy
  4. Saint Charles Borromeo: The Good Shepherd
  5. Saint Teresa of Àvila: A Study in Perseverance
  6. Saint Francis de Sales: Pastor of Souls
Published: 2017
Publisher: Augustine Institute
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Available ON DEMAND

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