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True Strength

Masculinity and Chastity for Young Men

DVD - 1 hr 34 mins

The True Strength 4-DVD series studies masculinity and the virtue of chastity for young men. Based in Biblical teaching and principles, this series will help young men discover that their masculinity is God’s invitation to be a man of greatness.

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More about True Strength

Our world today is obsessed with outward signs of achievement. From magazines and music to movies and social media, a man's success and strength are often correlated with how much money he has, how famous he is, how athletic he is, and how much sex he has. For teenage boys, the idea that there may be another way to be a real man is rarely, if ever, presented. 

Published: 2014
Publisher: Augustine Institute
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Available ON DEMAND

Price: $79.95 | 80 Credits