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Wisdom & Works of Mercy Participant Kit (with Book)

Study Kit

This Participant Packet for Stage Two of the Hearts Afire Program is the ideal packet for those who would like to join a Wisdom and Works of Mercy Small Group Study, and do not yet own the book The 'One Thing' Is Three. Each item in this packet was thoughtfully chosen as an aid to bring participants deeper into the Catholic Faith and the works of mercy. 

The following items are included

  • The 'One Thing' Is Three book
  • Wisdom and Works of Mercy: A Two-in-One Retreat Companion
  • "Three Points of Communion" prayer card
  • 10 Divine Mercy business card-sized prayer cards
  • CD with a dramatic reading of the "Farewell Discourse" from The Gospel According to John
  • Full-color bookmark with reading assignments
  • You Did It To Me: A Practical Guide to Mercy in Action (book by Fr. Gaitley)

Price: $39.95 | 40 Credits

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