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True Reformers Study Guide

Saints of the Catholic Reformation


This engaging and accessible study guide for True Reformers with Dr. Christopher Blum helps you better understand the Church’s rebirth from the ashes of the confusion caused by the Protestant Reformation. 

Click here for a sample of the Study Guide. 

This workbook, which features over 50 pages of powerful content, includes:

  • introductions, prayers, and inspirational insights
  • outlines and guidance through the video-based sessions
  • impactful questions for small group discussion and personal reflection
  • suggested resources for continued study and fuller understanding

Please note: This guide ships for free!

Published: 2017
Publisher: Augustine Institute
Author: Sean Dalton and Julia DeLapp
Length: 52 pages
Weight: 0.50 lbs
Available ON DEMAND
Available ON DEMAND

Price: $15.95 | 16 Credits